Aspect Peel & Stick Stone Backsplash Installation

Learn how to install Aspect peel and stick stone backsplash tiles.

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This revolutionary lightweight and flexible tile product is made of genuine, thin-cut stone for the look and texture of designer stone tile, at a fraction of the price

0:23 Arrange tile
0:43 Mark reference line
1 :53 Method
1:14 Putty knife removal
1:35 Method 2 – adhesive
1:58 Press tile
2:07 Mark to cut
2:19 Tin snips
2:36 Table saw
2:53 Smooth with file
3:03 Trim

Arrange your tiles on the floor or a large table. This will give you a good idea of your final look.

There are two easy ways to install these tiles. If your wall is clean, smooth and freshly primed, you can use Method 1. Simply peel and stick.

If you don’t want to prime your walls you can use method 2 which involves using a liquid adhesive.

Mark a reference line on the wall where you want to begin.
Let’s start with Method 1. First peel off the back and position the first tile with your reference line.

Press the tile lightly at first. Then check your position and then press firmly. If a tile is out of position, use a putty knife to remove it.

For Method 2 add a bit of adhesive before installation. Peel off the back and apply several pea sized dots to the tile. Press the tile lightly at first. Check your position and then press firmly. To cut a tile, mark the front with a pencil.

For straight cuts and notched cuts, you can use a tin snips.
You can use a table saw or a chop saw for straight cuts.
To square up edges or smooth out rough spots, you can use a file.

You can leave these edges as is, or finish with a trim. Once your install is complete, allow 24 hours before exposing to moisture or heat.

This tile is natural stone, so there is some risk of staining. Impregnators and sealers could offer some protection.

Check out our other videos to learn more about our other products, as well as additional helpful hints on installation.

Post time: Oct-22-2017
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